Drone Aerial Photography and Videography for Sport Events

Are you involved with a sport, or an upcoming event, that could really do with some high-quality footage to help raise its profile and capture energy and excitement? Let us provide video that will be sure to generate plenty of interest. We can shoot superb action footage, from every possible angle, or offer you an edited package bringing various elements together. Of course, if you’d prefer to take care of the editing, we’re happy to supply as many clips as you need, shot to your individual requirements.

If you’re a coach, or part of a coaching team, and you’d like to get a different angle on the preparations or performances of your team, we’re here to help too. It’s a perspective that could help you spot problems that may not be obvious at ground level, and even enable you to devise new tactics that only become clear when you’ve got a fresh angle on the action.

Our aerial drone cameras offer a safe and unique perspective for your event, showcasing and capturing your special occasion whether it be Wedding photography, Festivals, Surfing, Skateboarding, Swimming or action packed sports such as Kite Surfing, the sky’s the limit!