Drone Deliveries – fact or fiction?

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Drones in the sky or cars on the road.

Bored of getting in the car and driving to the shops to get the groceries or pick up your latest homeware purchase? Tired of the traffic and finding a parking spot? There is hope in sight, drone deliveries are not just a fantasy that will never be realised, it’s happening already. Amazon is one of the key early adaptors to the technology revolution that drones has provided and just like many of the driverless car pioneers. I have no doubt that one day there will be fleets of Amazon delivery drones in the skies.

China is a leading manufacturer of commercial and consumer drones and one the countries E-comm giants, JD.com, plans to develop drones capable of carrying a tonne or more for long distance deliveries. (Article by AAP and Inside retail May 24th 2017). Their goal is to deliver consumer goods using drones to remote areas and take farm produce to the cities, via a well established network of delivery stations, that will even facilitate inter provincial deliveries.

There are obviously many obstacles still in the way before this technology is a daily occurrence in our lives, especially in Australia. The article goes on to explain a major ‘stoush’ in Canberra between the Government and The Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA, regarding the regulation of drones in Australia and ensuring that the laws are robust and will protect everyone sufficiently. Fair enough, we all want to be safe, especially in these uncertain times. However one thing that is very apparent to me is that technology disruptors like Uber, Airbnb are here to stay and for me have certainly improved my experience of getting a ‘cab’ and a taking a holiday, without feeling like you have just been mugged!

I believe drones are here to stay, the technology has actually been around for ages in the military and it is only now that the benefits of their use, in many aspects of our lives is being explored and realised. So we have a choice, embrace it and use it to our advantage or find something to moan about, I know what I will be choosing to do.

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