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PROPELUS has launched into the world of sport in a big way. In the build-up to the opening game of this year’s State of Origin series, we were engaged to use our expertise in drone aerial photography to help Laurie Daley’s New South Wales team with their preparations.

The versatility of drones, which are able to get aerial video photography of a training session, is set to play an increasingly important role in team preparations. Where once teams like the Blues would have had to rely on one or two fixed video cameras to record sessions, limiting the available angles, the PROPELUS drone is able to provide aerial video footage from any angle required. The portability of drones also ensures that teams can still utilise the technology to their benefit, even when far away from their home ground.

For coaches like Laurie and his assistants, these aerial views are invaluable, allowing them, among other applications, to see how well planned moves are working in training, and what adjustments may be required. In short, drone videography has become an important tool in developing effective team strategies.

This technology is not limited to just rugby league, it can be applied to many outdoor and indoor sports for example surfing, soccer, AFL, rugby union, hockey, badminton, netball, baseball and numerous others.

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