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Technology is advancing even more now, than ever before.

Drone technology and the application of this technology in various industry sectors, is also gaining momentum. From aerial photography for real estate, insurance assessments, sporting events and agriculture, surveillance, mapping, infrastructure inspections and more, no one can really predict just how far the boundaries of this industry will reach. Is it possible that one day our shopping will be delivered by drones? Will we have cars that convert into single person drone vehicles as well? There is already a drone that will fly people around Dubai, its maiden voyage is scheduled for July 2017, it has a range of approximately 50km and flight time capacity of 30 minutes, brave enough to give it a go?

At PROPELUS we embrace these advancements and use them to explore and expand our boundaries to create new opportunities, not just for ourselves but for the clients we serve as well. Whilst we cannot offer you a drone flight across the skies just yet, we are able to help PROPEL your business forward in many of the areas listed above.

If you are interested in exploring how drone technology can help your business, please contact us for a no obligation assessment by calling 0408484477 or filling in the contact form by clicking here

High Quality Aerial Videography

Do you have an upcoming event, that could utilise some high-quality footage to help raise its profile and capture energy and excitement? PROPELUS has solutions to match your requirements.

Drone Aerial Photography Gold Coast

Capturing your special occasion whether it be wedding photography, festivals or action packed sports such as surfing, skateboarding and swimming, kite surfing, rugby league, rugby and soccer, the sky’s the limit!

Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Drone aerial photography and videography showcases a property from so many different aspects and angles.  At PROPELUS our eye in the sky aerial cameras offer high resolution breathtaking photos and seamless video footage capturing the full essence of the property.

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